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Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery


      Cardio-Thoracic Surgery involves the treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the chest (thorax), includingtreatment of conditions of the heart (heart disease).  Department is manned by dedicated personnel who are finest in the country trained from best institutions in the world. Under the Center of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Jayadeva Hospitals is a Center of Excellence, which attracts thousands of patients, including international patients and performs virtually every type of heart surgery.


      Utilizing advanced medical and surgical equipment, the expert team of physicians and nurses practice evidence-based medicine blended with patient-centered care. Cardio-Thoracic team at Jayadeva Hospitals has the experience of having performing Minimally Invasive surgeries also. From intervention to Cardio-Thoracic surgery and rehabilitation, the institute’s approach hinges on personalized care, recognizing that every patient is unique. The Cardio surgical unit has performed a wide range of surgeries – from Neonatal open heart surgeries to Aortic Aneurysm surgeries, with excellent results.




        The Department of Peripheral Vascular and Endovascular Surgery in Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research was started in 2010, the FIRST comprehensive Vascular Unit in the Government Sector in Karnataka.

        Our qualified and highly committed team of vascular surgeons treat vascular diseases involving arteries and veins in the body except those around heart and brain.

         Our well trained team are specialized in both open surgeries as well as Endovascular interventions leading to informed selection of procedures for best outcomes.

        Ours is one of the busiest vascular department in Karnataka with 12,000+ outpatient visits and 400+ surgeries conducted in a year.

       With dedicated vascular hybrid Cath lab, the number of procedures are expected to double in coming years.


Services offered:

  1. Aneurysm Surgery – Both open and Endovascular aneurysm(EVAR/TEVAR/Chimney/hybrid debranching and TEVAR) etc

  2. Arterial Bypass Procedure – Aorto-Iliac, Aorto-Femoral, Femoral Popliteal, Femoro distal bypass & Bypass to  mesentric blood vessels (gut blood supply)

  3. Endovascular interventions in peripheral artery aneurysm and occlusion including mesentric blood vessels also.

  4. Carotid Interventions –   Carotid endarterectomy, Carotid stenting and Carotid body tumour

  5. Thrombectomy / Embolectomy for acute arterial ischemia (Limb attack)

  6. Cervical rib and thoracic outlet syndrome management

  7. Venous conditions – Varicose vein, Deep vein thrombosis

  8. Dialysis access procedures

  9. Vascular Trauma Management



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